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Mistaken identity triggers false molestation claim

Kirk Moss.

A man fears for his life after he was falsely accused of the attempted molestation of a young child.

Kirk Moss, a clerk in the Supreme Court and purveyor of baked goods, was the victim of mistaken identity after a person/persons unknown attached his photo to a newspaper article about the arraignment of a man with the same name and posted it on social media.

The newspaper article did not have a photo of the suspect in the sex crime case, as police did not notify the media about his court appearance.

Although Moss’ only crime was having a common name, the viral post has done immeasurable damage to his reputation.

Ironically, he and the other Moss are also the same age.

Speaking to The Nassau Guardian at the Supreme Court yesterday, Moss said, “It put me in fear of my life, as I read some of the posts [on Facebook], it made me feel very uncomfortable.”

Moss said that he plans to seek legal representation to see what course of action can be taken.

But he hopes that the erroneous post can be retracted as soon as possible.

Moss, who also teaches Sunday school, said that church members rang his pastor and voiced concerns that an alleged child molester was interacting with their children.

Moss said that his sales had also been affected adversely. Moss, 57, said that he usually sells all of his pastries but on Wednesday had only sold five.

Moss said that the false accusation had affected him spiritually and socially.

He said, “It’s affected my life all around – it’s a damning story.”

Moss said that he has received support from court staff, with many of them saying that based on his character, they knew the allegations had to be false.

The Guardian has confirmed that the other Moss, of Grant Street, Fox Hill, remains on remand at the Bahamas Department of Correctional Services.

Prosecutors allege that he attempted to have unlawful sexual intercourse with a girl, 10, on August 3.


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