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New ride-sharing app utilizing private vehicles set to launch

Another ride-sharing app is being introduced to the market in October, this time utilizing the Uber and Lyft models that use drivers in private vehicles to move passengers to their destinations.

The first local ride-sharing app to try this model, Bahrezy, went defunct after several months. Now a group of Bahamians are trying it again with the Kroozzy app, which has already secured 50 drivers on New Providence.

Kroozzy’s President Vincent Wallace explained that all of the company’s drivers are local, qualified, independent drivers.

“All drivers undergo an extensive background and screening process before being approved,” he said.

“The Kroozzy ride-sharing app is compatible with Android phones and iPhones. Kroozzy is user friendly and free to download.

“Kroozzy’s goal is to provide affordable transportation with a feel safe ride.

Wallace said his team hopes to soon expand Kroozzy to the Family Islands and to other Caribbean islands.

Two ride-sharing apps utilizing taxi drivers – Bahamas Ride and GetMe Ride – launched this year.

While Kroozzy will start with private vehicles, Wallace said anyone can register to be a driver for the app beginning September 1, and the service is slated to begin October 1.

He said his company will be hiring vehicles that are in mint condition to be part of the ride-sharing service.

“The Kroozzy app is very responsive,” said Wallace.

“As a user selects his or her vehicle and confirms the pickup and drop off location, a Kroozzy driver will be en route.

“The app displays the vehicle and driver on the map and also the estimated time for pickup. In fact, you can see the driver en route in the app with the driver’s photo and vehicle details.

“With this option, transportation will be easy at anytime, anywhere, whether it is a pickup or drop at the airport, market, after shopping or from the beach after a day out with family to your residence or hotel.”

Ride-sharing applications have become big business across the world but have been slow to catch on in The Bahamas. Apps like Uber and Lyft have been giving taxi drivers stiff competition because of their rates, but local apps have had to absorb local taxi rates.

Wallace said he knows his company’s app will be a game changer, but likely with some pushback.

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