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BAAA President Carey under fire

Nothing much has changed in the Bahamas Association of Athletic Association (BAAA). The president continues to be under fire from those within the organization.

It was not always a rosy situation for those who held the presidency of the parent track and field body in the country, going back from Desmond Bannister to the first framers of the BAAA’s constitution, headed in the inaugural year of 1952 by A.F. Adderley.

However, the controversies and minor conflicts they endured paled in comparison with what has taken place during recent BAAA administrations.

There has been a successful vote of no confidence against a president; an important track and field scholarship body rebelled against a president; elite athletes have openly expressed dismay over the general culture presided over by a BAAA president; and noted coaches have called out the BAAA president.

In truth, for going on two decades now, I have observed an unsettled national track and field fraternity, with the fingers pointed in most instances at the executive body.

Well, it is business as usual.

A group of coaches, who recently coordinated the athletic arm of the seven-medal (four gold) Bahamian Central American and Caribbean Games (CAC) squad, has hit out hard at sitting BAAA President Rosamunde Carey. It’s really a damning communication that has gone public. It is alleged that Carey mistreated the track and field sector of Team Bahamas at the CAC Games, staged in Barranquilla, Colombia, July 19 to August 3, 2018.

The charges are serious. It’s an incredibly bold stance taken by coaches who have shown a great interest in youth development in their sport and extreme dedication. I can vouch in that regard, for at least two of the group named as having crafted the communication that blasted Carey.

The BAAA Executive Board simply cannot stay silent in the face of such a verbal onslaught. If what has been charged is indeed true, then Carey should resign. If the allegations are wrong that would be most unfair to the president.

It appears that there was contemplation before the communication was made public because the CAC Games concluded a week ago. Apparently, the concerns of the coaches weighed heavily on their minds and they felt compelled to let all and sundry know of their dissatisfaction with the president.

Carey must answer them, or otherwise cause the public (especially the track and field family in this country and the wider world) to believe that the criticisms of her are well-founded.

Quite frankly, the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF), the world body that controls all member national organizations such as the BAAA, should conduct an investigation into the matter.

Such is the gravity of the communication sent out by the CAC coaches.

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