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A ‘sports administration’ soldier, Greg Christie, dies

The information came to me quite early Monday morning, from the Sports Icons online chat forum, that Greg Christie had died.

At 1 a.m. on Monday, it was reported that, one of the greatest sports administrators in this country’s history, Christie, had passed. He had persevered through a goodly number of health challenges in recent years, before a distressed body shut down. Like many others who toiled for years in organizations, helping to guide young Bahamians and the not so young, to regional and world prominence through a unique “sports administration” capacity, Christie operated mostly under the radar for much of his time in sports.

It was only in the latter years, that his true value to nation building through sports was really appreciated. Christie was inducted into the Grand Bahama Sports Hall of Fame and also, the International Softball Federation (ISF) saluted him in kind.

He certainly has my stamp of approval for induction this year into the National Sports Hall of Fame. The sports ministry is canvassing nominations presently. Greg Christie is definitely worthy of induction.

I feel a special kinship to Christie, as we were networking contemporaries for a very long time, from our high school days at Aquinas College; throughout the long years in media (Greg once sat in one of the seats I am now sitting in, as Editor of the Freeport News); and of course, in the mainstream of national and international sports administration.

I relate very much to his contributions through the years. So, does Neko Grant, another stalwart with a strong national sports administration resume.

Yesterday when we reminisced about our fallen sports colleague, Grant spoke of their times together.

“I worked in sports administration with Greg for over 30 years. At one time in Grand Bahama, softball and baseball functioned under the same umbrella. Greg was the common denominator as secretary for baseball and softball, and, you know how it is with non-profit organizations. The secretary does a whole lot of work. Greg was simply a tower of strength for me and many others throughout the years.

“I just wish to offer his children and other family members, sincere condolences on my behalf and that of my family. He will be greatly missed,” said Grant.

Christie fought a valiant battle. The last two months of his life were overwhelmed with health issues. He was airlifted to New Providence from Grand Bahama in early July. On July 2 he had an operation to release pressure and stop brain bleeding. The procedure restored movement to his hands and legs. Subsequently, he was on a ventilator, was fed via a tube, but experienced steady improvement.

He was taken off the ventilator and got to the point of recognizing visitors and regaining appreciable movement on his left side. His vital signs were good.

Then on Sunday, he developed a serious infection. His body could take no more. He moved on into eternity an hour after midnight.

The national sporting fraternity is left to move on without the service and guidance of yet another major contributor to the national sports brand.

May Greg’s soul forever rest in peace!

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