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Create positive habits

We all know nothing is certain. The only constant in life is time. That will forever stay its perpetual course. With all of life’s indefinites, shouldn’t we at least put our best foot forward to be the best version of ourselves?

Sometimes we let our excuses get the better of what our potential could be. Personally, I don’t think anyone is exempt from this downfall. It’s all on what we decide to do to not let our downfalls be the prevalent position of our outcomes.

Setting a barometer is a good approach on creating progressive consistency. As tough as sticking to a regime may seem, allowing this goal-oriented approach is more important than ever.

Understand that any form of starting is a good thing. You just need to start. You want to create positive habits. We all know how easy it is to adopt bad habits and take them on in stride, so why not commit to creating positive habits.

Clearly the excuses we make for ourselves can become a habitual approach towards how we live our lives. That’s definitely not the approach that we want for ourselves.

Surrounding ourselves with people that have our best interest at heart creates this positive approach a lot easier. It helps not only to boost confidence, but makes your goals more attainable. We all know how imperative attainable goals are, especially when the outcome is positive.

Frankly, I believe we owe it to ourselves to want the best for our lives. We know what we have to do, but we just fail to do it. If knowing is half the battle, why not do the things you need to that’ll help you finish the battle.

This approach can be related to many aspects of your life. Whether it’s adjusting your food consumption decisions, putting in that extra 10 minutes towards your workout, actually getting up when your alarm rings to get your workout in, or whatever you can put this approach towards that’ll make you the best version of yourselves.

It’s all attainable, if we really work toward making it a lifestyle rather than a short-term decision.

  • Stay positive. Be purely consistent. Achieve more. And go get it! Emilio Bullard is a personal trainer at Balmoral Club. He can be contacted at


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