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Weight affects the brain

I was listening to one of my favorite people on PBS Television a little while back, Dr. Daniel G. Amen, Author of the book ‘Change Your Brain…..Change Your Life’ and one of the things which hit home to me which he said was the following “When your weight goes up the efficiency and size of your brain goes down”….well well, who knew that your weight could actually have an effect on your brain. I mean, we’re told repeatedly that being overweight can be most detrimental to our overall health, particularly as it relates to High Blood Pressure and our Heart. However, this is the first time that I heard a Medical Expert state that being overweight can actually affect the efficiency and size of the brain.

So now you know folks, here’s yet another reason for you to really watch your weight. Yes indeed, I’m quite sure that this is brand new information to a whole lot of My Valued Readers, for I know it was completely new information to me ‘Weight Affects The Brain’, as Dr. Amen put it, it affects the efficiency and size of the brain. So I guess that if the brain gets smaller and it is less efficient; well then, I’m sure it will affect our memory and our ability to think both clearly and creatively.

So in a nutshell, it will have an effect on our ability to become and remain successful in life, across the board. So here’s yet another really important reason for us to stay in good shape through watching what we eat each and every day and of course by participating in a regular program of vigorous exercise to keep our overall weight in check.

Yes My Friend, apart from the obvious effect on your Blood Pressure and your Heart; as the title of today’s article puts it ‘Weight Affects The Brain’ in a most negative, detrimental manner and will affect its efficiency and size, which is obviously not good for anyone. So please do everything in your power to stay in good shape and keep your weight down to the recommended number for your height and you’ll remain fit in body and mind.


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