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Decision = action/inaction

Let me commence here today by asking you my valued reader a simple question – now here goes the question – are you a decisive type of person who always makes those important decisions when you have to, which effects the course of your life? I sincerely hope so for your sake, as it’s a vital part of becoming successful in life across the board. As I have put it before in these articles and of course in my “Broaden Your Horizons” series of lectures which I did for PBS television a little while back, it’s far better to be the type of individual who makes a lot of decisions and who probably makes a few bad ones, than to be a wishy-washy type of individual who’s afraid to make any important decisions at all and thus spends the best part of their time “sitting on the fence” so to speak, motionless thus not making any decisions at all, which is of course very detrimental to becoming and remaining successful in life.

When you make a decision it makes you act in a certain way to bring some goal to fruition, or not act at all, if that is what is required after careful consideration and deliberation. Yes indeed, as the title of this article simply and succinctly puts it, decision = action/inaction. Of course, if you aspire to be a leader or are in a leadership position, being a decisive type of individual is an absolute must. It’s essential … yes it is. Those who are indecisive are in no way qualified for leadership positions – that’s a fact.

Yes, my friend, if you wish to be efficient as a leader or just be successful as an individual, there’s no doubt about it whatsoever, you simply must be a very decisive type of individual who makes the correct decisions more often than not. You can’t be a “fence sitter” so to speak and expect to succeed as an individual or lead an organization to a successful future.

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