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Keys to building a healthy children’s ministry department 

With just over 50 days to the second Ricardo Miller National Children’s Ministry Day initiative, Children and Youth Ministry Pastor Ricardo Miller says there are seven keys to building a healthy children’s ministry department – leader, team, training, standards, goals, strategy, and determination – that he said churches and children’s ministry leaders can incorporate to ensure a healthy children’s ministry department.

With the Christian faith under attack due to the trending changes in the nation and the world at large, Miller said pastors and church Leaders must re-evaluate the current outreaches and programs they are providing for children and families.

“In order to have a healthy children’s ministry, one must be very intentional about the principles. To grow a healthy department, you’re going to have to stretch yourself, and get comfortable with being uncomfortable. That’s where growth happens,” said Miller. “You can’t build a healthy children’s ministry department having a bad attitude. A bad attitude about the next generation is like a flat tire, you can’t get very far until you change it,” he said.

Miller said pastors should remember that their children’s ministry department will reflect its leader – who sets the standard.

“The key to great leadership is to communicate expectations while educating and instilling confidence in your children’s ministry team. Leaders arming themselves to build a healthy department never outgrow the need to change,” said the pastor.

He said every healthy department needs a dream team.

“The concept of team must be captured throughout churches in The Bahamas in order for us to win our communities for Christ. A great team allows you to do more, and prevents your people from becoming burnt out”

He said working hard for something you don’t care about is called stress; and that working for something you love is called passion.

“Build your team centered around what they’re passionate about. In building a great team celebrate whatever you want to see more of,” said Miller.

As for training, he said leadership and learning are indispensable to each other, and that quality and consistent training is necessary for building a healthy children’s ministry department.

“You cannot grow unless you are willing to grow. Success is always on the other side of being teachable. In a time of drastic change, it is the one who is learning that will inherit the best future.”

With more than 15 workshops centered around children’s ministry and training to be held during the second Annual National Children’s Ministry Workers Summit set to be held at Queen’s College, Village Road, on Saturday October 13 at 9 a.m. – Miller said every church in the country should make it a point to have representation at the training.

“Children’s ministry standards are a clear indication of the quality of your ministry to children. You have to be willing to raise the standard continually in order to keep the children’s ministry department healthy. You have to believe it’s possible to go to new levels.”

Miller said the National Children’s Ministry Committee has gathered 24 national standards which churches throughout the country should aim to incorporate into their children’s ministry departments, which they can get by email at

He also said a children’s ministry department without goals will eventually stop growing.

“Setting a goal is not the main thing – it is deciding how you will go about achieving it and staying with that plan. Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment. Establish children’s ministry goals that produce results, not activities.”

According to Miller, strategy is the new leadership word in children’s ministry that has to be embraced.

“Children’s ministry leaders throughout The Bahamas must understand the future of reaching the next generation is not a place we are going, but a place we are creating. We must learn how to incorporate strategies in our weekly programs to become more effective in reaching children and families with the Gospel. If you can improve on the present, you can improve on the future. Having a strategy will help you remember that what gets measured, gets improved.”

Determination he said gives people the resolve to keep going despite the roadblocks, and he promises that there will be roadblocks. He said detouring when encountering a roadblock is a must, but that people should never quit.

“Don’t ever stop dreaming, as a children’s ministry leader, because a winner is a dreamer who never gives up. A healthy children’s ministry department today was once a dream that took flight.”

Miller encourages pastors and children’s ministry leaders to participate in National Children’s Ministry Day 5-Day Initiative October 10-14. The senior pastor’s breakfast will be held at Bahamas Faith Ministries (BFM) on Wednesday, October 10. The National Children’s Ministry Workers Appreciation Banquet will be held Thursday, October 11 at the Nassau Yacht Club. Island-wide school assemblies will be held on Friday, October 12 with the 2nd Annual National Children’s Ministry Day Service set for Sunday, October 14.

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