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It’s not very often that I have just a one-word title for these Time To Think articles. However, today’s the exception but nevertheless it contains an extremely important message for all of my valued readers. The one word which is the title of today’s article is introspection. So what exactly does it mean you may query? Well if you go to Dictionary.com on your computer, it gives the following definition of the word “introspection” = the act of looking within oneself.

Anyone who is in business for himself will know that every now and then, they take stock of their progress to date. Well it’s exactly the same with our individual life; every now and then we need to take stock, so to speak of where we are in life. To do this, we need to take a long look within ourselves, a really objective look at our life in all of its aspects to ascertain if there are areas for improvement.

Now obviously when we undertake this introspection, this look within ourselves, one thing is for sure and that is, that we need to be totally honest with what we see and thus not try to pretend that we are doing better than we actually are. Yes indeed, when we embark on this vitally important exercise of introspection – looking deep within oneself, we must of necessity be totally, yes even brutally honest, otherwise the exercise will be a complete waste of time. Actually, as I have stated before, the one person in life whom we really can’t fool as much as we sometimes try to, is ourself.

So, my friend, this week is introspection week for you – it’s the time when you honestly evaluate how well or poorly you’re doing in all aspects of your life, so pick a quiet spot in the house and commence this worthwhile project, so that you can evaluate your progress on the road to success and then put plans in place to greatly improve your life, across the board.

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