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Understanding satisfaction is the key to enjoying yourself without breaking the indulgence barrier

Dates are set and tickets are booked – you’ve planned this trip for months and you’re beyond excited. Your workouts have been consistent and progression has definitely been made. You might even have to buy a smaller pair of jeans whilst you’re away. That my dear friends deserves a pat on the back and a hand shake with a smile!

Now how do you embark on your hiatus from your busy life, without being a detriment to all the work that you’ve put in and the progression you’ve made.

The thought of every restaurant and lounge you plan on visiting has you beyond excited. Now is the time to try new things and encounter new favorites. Quite frankly – you’re in indulgence mode and no one can blame you.

But the key to enjoying yourself without breaking the indulgence barrier is understanding satisfaction.

I know, I know – this isn’t what you bargained for when thinking about vacation, but you also aren’t the same person as you were this time last year, so why take on that mentality now.

Understanding satisfaction simply allows you to indulge in the foods that you want on your vacation, without creating a setback to what you’ve accomplished. For example, you might feel like brunch one morning, but remember, the brunch phenomena is the behemoth of calorie intake. Think about it. You have a plethora of breakfast items that have been strategically jazzed up to be lunch-flavored and mimosas to wash that meal down with. Listen, I’m not mad at you one bit, but bear in mind, you have to be aware of satisfactory mode.

If you dab into the mimosas, know that one mimosa can start at 80 calories per glass, operative word here is START! If you realize you’ll be throwing down the bubbly and juice cocktail heavily on your trip, opt for a brunch item that doesn’t have a high calorie content. So, the short rib eggs benedict, with smashed avocado and herbed breakfast potatoes and a side of house aioli, might not be the option for you. Side note: if that item I just made up ends up on a brunch menu, I would like recognition. Instead, choose lower calorie options that will give you sustainable energy and not have you feeling loafed throughout the day. Many restaurants allow you to alter menu items, and your server most of the time doesn’t have an issue with helping you choose better options to satisfy your craving and stick to your goals. I know this because I do this consistently, no matter where I am.

Not because we’re not a walking society means we must take that notion with us when we travel. Embark on events that have you walking more than sitting. If a cab ride or taking your rental car to go two blocks isn’t necessary, then take on a walk. You’ll burn more calories in your day, and you’ll feel better as the day progresses. There will be some times where you’re able to walk six miles in a day and you won’t know it. It’s amazing what you don’t think of when you’re on vacation.

This one is my favorite – if you’re the outgoing type, encounter individuals that entice conversation. Now you wouldn’t think this would do anything other than have someone in your space whilst you’re trying to get away from people around you, but indulging in conversations that create levels of knowledge that you didn’t know, helps burn calories as well. The brain encounters new information, and because you think on it consistently, you burn calories.

Understanding when you’re satisfied during your vacation, can help create a conditioned approach when your mental reset is done and you’re back home.

Who knows, this vacation might be just what you needed to help you get over your mental or physical slump and create a positive reset towards your lifestyle goals and progression.

 • Stay positive. Be purely consistent. Achieve more. And go get it! Emilio Bullard is a personal trainer at Balmoral Club. He can be contacted at

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