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Rev. Angela Palacious publishes new book: A Question A Day: Part One  

It has been over 30 years since Anglican priest, Reverend Angela Palacious first began to write meditations for church bulletins and newspapers, and now she has published a new book “A Question A Day: Part One.” The book is 366 verses in the Old Testament that are highlighted for reading, prayer and study.

It’s a book that is for the reader who is curious about the Bible and needs an introduction. It can also be used as a tool to help read through the Bible in a year.

“I have based my thoughts on actual questions from the Bible, hoping to evoke from each reader a prayerfully personal response to the Word of God. I encourage you to record your thoughts and feelings in a journal, and discuss with your spiritual guide, prayer partner, or small group,” said Palacious.

The guided devotional challenges and inspires the reader to continue the diligent search towards personal and communal growth through Godly principles.

Daily, the reverent references a biblical verse, provides a comment, and then poses a personal question. In response, the reader is encouraged to explore some of life’s deepest queries, journaling their thoughts and feelings for future introspection and reflection.

It’s a devotional that she says also gives way for discussions with a spiritual guide, prayer partner or small group. If you mentor others, she said you will be able to guide them toward more intentional maturity and ministry.

The 366 biblical references and reflections are organized chronologically but with no specific date attached. Book One focuses on the entire Old Testament, and Book Two concentrates on the New Testament and Psalms.

Palacious says there are many questions people wrestle with in the course of their lifetime – questions that God puts to them, that others put to them, and that they have to put to themselves.

“The Bible has well over 1,000 questions in it, with over 50 questions in the book of Genesis alone – some are repetitious, some rhetorical and others speak to our hearts, minds and spirits about deep matters,” said Palacious. “I pray that you will find the passages and the challenges helpful on your spiritual journey, and as you mentor others.”

Part One of the series takes you on a comprehensive personal adventure through the Old Testament, one day at a time. It is written in a clear and simple style, and features daily reading to edify a person, no matter where they may be on their spiritual journey.

Norma A. Dean, retired educator said many of the verses in the book she has known from childhood.

“The thought-provoking questions at the end of the verses selected in this book have made me look at them differently, and they have helped me to make adjustments to my life,” said Dean.

Dorothy Jones, a cousin of Palacious said the book was easy to read, but challenging and in some areas difficult.

“It is thought provoking and the questions are appropriate for our day, age and indeed nations. It encourages us to journey through and explore this section of the Bible in a way we may not have done before, enhancing our knowledge of his Holy Word. It promotes self-examination, irrespective of being committed Christians or not. It has certainly highlighted my lack of knowledge in areas of the Holy Bible,” said Jones.

Retired educator and banker Hilda Knowles said the work was an insightful, methodical and practical way to study much of the Old Testament in one year.

“In addition to the questions posed by Rev. Angela being thought provoking, they show us that there is really nothing new under the sun. The situations, problems and conflicts encountered by people in Old Testament times are very similar to those we face today. Our answers to these questions will, hopefully, show us a better, more effective way to approach, handle and/or resolve many [if not all] of the ones presented here,” wrote Knowles.

Palacious’ book is available on Amazon and Kindle as well as in the following stores: Anglican Diocesan Office bookstore; All Seasons All Occasions; The Bible, Book and Gift Centre; Buy The Book; Logos and from Palacious directly.

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