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One person you’ll never ever fool  

heard a funny story the other day which kind of illustrates in a graphic manner what the title of today’s article actually means – one person you’ll never ever fool. This soldier who was on leave used to go to a pub every day and order three mugs of beer. He’d then sit at a table and drink out of one mug then the next and finally the third. This routine continued time and time again.

The bartender was very curious as to why this soldier who was on leave would drink like this. So, he approached him and asked him why he drank in this way. The soldier said, “Well I have two buddies who are in Afghanistan and I promised to drink a beer for them every day until they returned.” The bartender smiled and said “now I understand, and that’s a nice gesture to remember them.”

The very next week the soldier came into the bar but just ordered two mugs of beer, sat at the usual table and proceeded to drink a sip from one mug and then a sip from the other one. The bartender was puzzled and thought that perhaps one of his buddies had been killed in Afghanistan, so he approached the solider apprehensively and asked him why he now only ordered two mugs of beer as opposed to the usual three.

The soldier replied, “oh my wife and I have joined the Baptist church so I no longer drink alcohol.” The bartender looked puzzled as he stared at the two mugs of beer. The soldier noticed this and immediately said, “Oh my two buddies are still drinking.” Funny story, however it does help to explain what today’s title is all about – one person you’ll never, ever fool.

Let’s face it, there are far too many people spread throughout this great big world of ours who it would appear by their behavior are trying to fool themselves – that never works.

Yes, my friend, you may be able to fool many others – your spouse, colleagues at work and friends, however, one person you’ll never fool, although many unfortunately try, is yourself. So, my friend, stop trying to fool yourself, because it just doesn’t work in the long run. Vow to be open and honest with everyone else and especially with yourself. To thine own self be true.


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