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Results are all that count

Let’s face it, there are a whole lot of people who are forever talking about what they intend to do in life and the fantastic results they will achieve as they wind their way along the road of life, and yet somehow, they don’t appear to achieve anything worthwhile in the long run. It would appear that with a whole lot of people it’s a matter of plenty of talk but very little action. This my friend will not bring you the success you seek so badly in life — no it won’t.

The world it appears to me, is full of dreamers — those who dream big dreams of what they want to do in life. And of course, they continually verbalize their dreams to one and all with great gusto, however, they never seem to get anywhere worthwhile in life in the end simply because they do not take the necessary action to make their dreams a reality, thus they remain miserable losers all of their life. How very sad this is to actually observe.

Let’s fully understand, that the Creator put us on planet earth with a mission to succeed in a specific field of endeavor. We were all given an abundance of unique and special talents with which to succeed. So, why then do some succeed whilst others fail miserably, you may query? Well to succeed at anything requires much more that dreaming about it. Yes indeed, we are all talented and fully equipped by the Creator to succeed. Many, as I said already dream big time about what they wish to do in life however, only a small percentage of these big time dreamers have the dedication and indeed the discipline required to make their lofty dreams come true – how very sad this is to observe. Yes indeed, as today’s title puts it – in the long run, results are all that counts.

Yes, my friend, dreaming is great — setting lofty goals is wonderful as it’s the starting point so to speak, for a very successful life. However, unless you’re prepared daily to do the things required, however difficult, to make your dreams come true, you will always fall into the sad category of brilliant people who never make it in life. What a tragedy! So please get up off your you know what and spring into action and you will succeed in life – yes you will.

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