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Pay it forward

I just got a new computer an HP 17.3-inch screen, high speed laptop. My computer technician and indeed longtime friend came to my house to transfer all of the information from my old Gateway laptop to the new HP one. The procedure took quite a while, however, it was most enjoyable too as I got an opportunity to have a long talk with my friend whom I hadn’t seen for quite a while.

When he finished the whole process and showed me some of the new features on the new HP computer, I told him to take my old computer and give it to a young person who couldn’t afford a computer. My friend, the technician is a member of the local Rotary Club which regularly distributes things to people who really need them. I felt very good about the fact, that my old computer would be of benefit to a young kid and would help with the whole process of learning and gaining knowledge. This my friend, is what is referred to as pay it forward, and it’s something that we all should do, particularly if we consider ourselves to be spiritually inclined.

Once we make it in life, I believe we all have a sacred duty to, as today’s title puts it, pay it forward. Our duty is to give of ourselves, our knowledge, our guidance and yes at times our physical resources to the less fortunate to assist them in their quest to reach the top of the mountain, the peak of success.

Years ago, I used to go into the local penal institution on Saturdays and give the inmates who were about to be released back into the community, seminars on how to live a good life without resorting to crime. Believe me, I got great inner satisfaction from this. Yes indeed, we all need to pay it forward – yes, we do.

So, my friend, once you’ve made it in life, it’s time for you to give back to the community in which you thrived and succeeded. So hopefully right now you are figuring out ways in which you can assist the less fortunate in your community in a positive way and you are thinking very seriously about the different ways in which you can pay it forward, thus making a worthwhile contribution to the less fortunate in your community.


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