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Respect your parents

I’m quite sure, that just about all of My Valued Readers have heard the often used phrase “Honor Thy Father and Thy Mother” I absolutely believe in the sentiments contained in this well-known saying and thus the title of today’s article ‘Respect Your Parents’. Parents are the people who brought you into the world and who, in most cases nurtured you and hopefully as the Good Book states “Trained you up in the way you should go”. So many Parents go through great sacrifices to educate, clothe and feed their Children even when they don’t have a whole lot of means. In all probability most Parents give their children the love which is so very necessary to build high self-esteem in their children which will assist them in becoming successful as Adults thus having a wonderful life. Yes indeed, it is our Parents who so often sacrifice and do without to give their children a good education which will help them get the qualifications to become successful in their chosen field of endeavor. Yes indeed, we should, in my opinion always, and I do mean always right up to the day of their transition into the next phase of eternal life, respect our Parents no matter how old they are.

Let’s face it, as Parents get on in years, they may suffer from illnesses as they become quite fragile due to age. However, we must never forget what they did for us when we were young, and no matter how old we get, we must never lose respect for our Parents, even though they might be quite difficult to deal with in their ‘Senior Years’. Yes indeed, no matter what ‘Respect Your Parents’.

Yes indeed, never, as we used to say back in Ireland when I was young, “Get too big for our britches”….don’t ever think that now that you’re grown up, you can treat your Parents in a disrespectful manner, just because some of their ways may be annoying to you. They brought you into this world and hopefully taught you the ‘Lessons in Living’ required to live a good life. So always, always ‘Respect Your Parents’.


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