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A sign of strength

Let’s face it, a whole lot of men in particular wish to portray themselves as ‘Macho Men’ strong, tough, and very independent. They feel deep down in their consciousness, that they must present this image of being real strong as men should be. Now in all honesty, there are some women who also wish to present themselves as being real strong.

Now in the course of these people’s lives there may come a time when they appear to have some serious problems which requires some Counseling. A lot of these ‘Macho Men’ and indeed women who consider themselves strong will develop some serious personality problems and will then go through a difficult period in their life. When they visit the Doctor as they’re not feeling too well or if they confide in a friend that they feel that their life is perhaps falling apart in some areas and they get a recommendation to visit a Counselor, they just will not go as they feel that is a signal of weakness on their part. But My Friend, believe me, we all need help at times as none of us are perfect.

Now the ‘Macho Man’ and Woman who refers to herself as being a Strong Woman will in all probability shy away from visiting a Counselor thinking that it’s a sign of weakness. But My Friend, the opposite is true. When one realizes that all is not well in his or her life, that things seem to be falling apart, I honestly believe that to admit that one needs help which we all do at times, is in fact as today’s title puts it ‘A Sign Of Strength’ ….that’s right, to admit that you need help in a certain area is ‘A Sign Of Strength’ and not weakness as some people incorrectly think. None of us are perfect, we all need help at some time or another in our lives and it’s ‘A Sign Of Strength’ not weakness to admit to this FACT.

Yes My Friend, let’s face it we all go through ‘Difficult Times’ as we travel The Road of Life pursuing our dreams of future success. However, none of us are perfect, we will make mistakes and are all prone to traveling through ‘Tough Times’. When we feel that we can’t cope, we need to be strong enough to come to terms with The Fact, that we need assistance of one form or another. This is not a sign of weakness, it’s ‘A Sign of Strength’ …..Got it ? I sincerely hope so!


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