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Bahamian singer to perform in Atlanta

In less than two weeks, songstress Adrianna Munnings, a native of Andros, will grace the biggest stage in her 20-year career.

The gospel singer will perform at a showcase during Season 11 of The Prayze Factor People’s Choice Awards, which will take place from September 13 to 16 in Atlanta, Georgia.

Munnings said when her friend Keith Rolle, of KLR Management Group, called her with the news, she knew that her season was approaching.

Munnings, who makes a living taking care of children, said she has faith that her performance in Atlanta will jumpstart her solo career.

“I’m going full force, and by the grace of God I will sign a record deal,” she said yesterday.

“Everything is lining up. I am excited. I believe that this is my time and this is my season. I’ve been singing since I was about eight. I used to sing on a ZNS radio show with my uncle, Wilbert Rolle, now I’m headed to Atlanta.”

According to its website, the Prayze Factor People’s Choice Awards is a “platform specifically and strategically formatted to bring maximum exposure to the inspired artists movement.

“The Prayze Factor People’s Choice Awards is designed to expose faith-based arts on a national/international level with major market radio, television and industry exposure.”

Munnings said she will perform on twice during the awards weekend. As the only Bahamian artist performing, Munnings said she hopes to represent well for the country.

“Performing holds tremendous value, both personally and as ambassador of my country,” she said.

Munnings, a palmist at the Jubilee Christian Ministries International, was the first runner-up in the Bahamian Idol competition in 2009.

During her career, Munnings has traveled to Tennessee, Michigan, Chicago and Jamaica. Additionally, she has performed on multiple Bahamian islands.

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