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How to master the seven keys of sales success to double your income

Salespeople are among the most important people in the world. Every single company depends for its survival on the success of its salespeople. High sales is the number one reason for company success. Low sales are the number one reason for company failure.

I was never good at sales in the past but as an entrepreneur, I quickly had to learn. If you have a product or service, you need a proven process to sell it, unfortunately, many lack the sales skills necessary to achieve huge results. The best sales techniques, tips, and principles of sales training and success are practiced by all of the highest paid salespeople every day.

You can achieve the same results by improving in your sales skills which can double your financial results. However, how many salespeople dedicate time to improving this skill in their career or business?

Brian Tracy, one of the most recognized sales expert in the world, shares seven key result areas of sales success that if you improve, your sales will increase.

1. Prospecting power: Finding more and better-qualified people to talk about your product or service. The best salespeople have the most complete strategies and plan to develop the highest quality prospects who can and will buy from them.

2. Relationship selling: Building high levels of trust, rapport and credibility with each prospect. A person will not buy from you until he or she is convinced you are their friend and acting in their best interests.

3. Identifying needs accurately: Asking good questions to learn exactly how and why your product or service is the ideal choice for this customer. The most important thing you can do as a salesperson is uncover the true needs or problems of the prospect that your product can solve.

4. Making persuasive presentations: Showing the customer clearly why he should buy your product or service now. Delivering an effective presentation can increase your sales by several times over an uncoordinated presentation.

5. Overcoming Objections: Dealing effectively with the questions and concerns of the prospect that holds him or her back from buying. In order to increase sales you must be prepared to hear a “no” and continue selling. Objections mean the prospect is interested.

6. Closing the sale: Confidently asking the prospect to make a buying decision and take action.

7. Getting re-sales and referrals: Taking such good care of your customers that they buy, buy again, and tell their friends to buy from you. By continually building and maintaining a “customers for life” relationship, your sales success will be assured.

Double your income

If you improve by just 10 percent per year, less than one percent per month, in each of these seven areas, the ultimate result will be that your sales and income will double or more over the next 12 months, or even faster. For example, if you just double your ability in any one of these seven key sales success areas, that alone would double your income. If instead, you continue to improve in each of the seven areas, the total increase in your sales and income can be enormous.

Take action

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