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A writer is always writing

once heard a quote which goes like this, “A writer is always writing, even when they’re looking out a window”. Believe me, this is oh so true. The mind of a writer is always active and ideas come to them constantly 24/7, as they see everything that happens throughout the day and night through a special lens, so to speak and will usually end up writing about it. Why, I even get ideas for these articles when I’m in the shower, and at all kinds of other weird times. In other words, a writer’s mind is continually active and literally everything which they see or hear 24/7 can become the subject of something which they will eventually end up writing about.

I have a folder which I’m constantly putting ideas for future articles in. Then at night as I do my preparation for the next morning’s early writing session, I take out this folder and pick out a couple of titles which will be the topics I’ll write about early the next morning. Yes indeed, when you’re dealing with a writer you need to realize, that their mind is active, it’s working 24/7 and literally everything which they hear or see is being noted within their creative mind, and will thus probably end up somewhere in their writings in the future.

Even when watching television or listening to the radio, a writer, particularly one like me who writes about life in all of its diverse aspects and how to improve it, is always, I mean always, thinking of ideas which will eventually find their way into my writings.

Yes indeed, as the title of this particular article puts it ‘A Writer Is Always Writing’…I mean always. Sometimes, it amazes me how I get Ideas for articles from just listening to others talk about everyday happenings in their daily lives. Of course, many ideas surface from within too, from the God which dwells within us 24/7, 52 weeks a year.

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