Thursday, Jul 9, 2020
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Against Disney’s development of Lighthouse Point, Eleuthera

Dear Editor,

The proposed development of Lighthouse Point, Eleuthera, by Disney, will hurt tourism on this beautiful island. As a 10-year visitor and two-year homeowner on Eleuthera, we experience Lighthouse Point as an attraction that weighs heavily in our decisions to repeatedly return to Eleuthera. We shudder to think that this beautiful area could be turned into yet another concrete-and-pavement theme park for the profit of a foreign corporation.

Tourists who presently visit Eleuthera stay in resorts, rent houses, rent cars, buy groceries and eat in restaurants on the way to and from Lighthouse Point. These Bahamian business owners benefit from tourism to Eleuthera, from Spanish Wells in the north to Cape Eleuthera in the south. Take away the ability to visit pristine Lighthouse Point, and this kind of tourism will decrease drastically.

Tourism by means of cruise ship does not benefit Eleutherans so much. Cruisers are encouraged to stay on the property owned by the cruise ship company. When they do, they spend money that further benefits who? The cruise ship company.

In our view, the proposal by the One Eleuthera Foundation promotes a balanced approach to managing progress with conservation. It creates local jobs. It also returns ownership to The Bahamas.

– Stefanie Devereaux


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