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Americans fined for false declaration

Three American men yesterday pleaded guilty to making a false declaration after they were caught with over $50,000 in cash at Lynden Pindling International Airport on Tuesday.

Sid Shah, 43, of Chicago; his brother, Umang Shah, 46, of Texas; and Josue Gil, 36, of Chicago, were charged with one count of making a false declaration to an officer of the United States.

The trio appeared before Deputy Chief Magistrate Subusola Swain.

Sid Shah told the magistrate that it was an honest mistake.

He said the trio was staying at the Baha Mar resort and that he had won over $47,000 in the casino.

When they left for the airport, Shah said he did not think it safe to put the money in any of the luggage.

Shah said he kept $17,000, gave his brother Umang, $20,000 and gave their friend, Josue Gil, $11,000, which they owed him.

Police said the men were caught with a total of $51,355 in cash.

Gil said the ordeal was embarrassing for him, as he had already boarded his plane when officers took him off and arrested him.

Swain noted that she had to impose a sentence, because the men pleaded guilty, and fined them each $1,000.

The $51,355 in cash was also confiscated.

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