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Director of Sports Munnings confident NSA issues being resolved  

The National Sports Authority (NSA) has been an embattled entity for quite some time now.

Under a previous management, concerns in great numbers were expressed by representatives of sporting bodies. The disharmony surrounding the NSA also included, I have been told, conflicts with former Minister of Youth, Sports and Culture Dr. Daniel Johnson. More recently, infighting has been intense and the NSA has not been productive.

Well, Director of Sports Tim Munnings on Thursday expressed optimism that the issues that plagued the NSA will be resolved soon.

“Everything will be smoothed out in time. The management team is capable of functioning,” said Munnings.

He did acknowledge, however, that there are some areas he would like to see more progress in.

“I’d like to see more activities getting accommodated by the NSA. There should be more marketing of the facilities. The maintenance of facilities needs to be ongoing and the NSA needs to stay on top of that,” said Munnings.

As for the situation regarding a functioning general manager, the nation’s sports director admitted that presently no one is actually performing in that capacity.

“A general manager has been identified. He is a Bahamian but his situation is still being sorted out. Presently, Mr. (Lester) Cox, who is a board member, is bridging the gap,” informed Munnings.

The NSA, established by the Sports Authority Bill of 2010, is an essential government sporting arm. Some of the primary functions set out in the act are: to own, establish, develop, improve, manage, maintain and take full control of all government sporting facilities; to foster, support or undertake in cooperation with the sports minister, provision for government sporting facilities; to encourage the promotion, development and coordination of sports and the achievement of excellence in competitive sport; and to facilitate sports-related activities for the promotion of youth development.

There is much more, but the aforementioned is indicative of the importance of the NSA to the vibrancy of the national sporting landscape. In all instances, the minister of youth, sports and culture is to be advised and updated.

Unfortunately, the NSA has been floundering in recent times. Director of Sports Munnings claims the NSA is on a more progressive course. There is much to do to prove its worth and to justify the funding earmarked annually in the national budget for the NSA, salaries, stipends, etc.

Hopefully, Director Munnings’ confidence will pan out positively for the NSA.

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