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All talk and no action

Let’s face it, there are a whole lot of people who spend practically their whole life, every day, talking to everyone, broadcasting to the whole world so to speak about what they intend to do in all of the different aspects of their life — and yet sadly, they never seem to amount to anything worthwhile as everything which they talked so eagerly to everyone about accomplishing in life just never seems to materialize.

Now many ask, and quite rightly so, why does this happen so often with a whole lot of people? Well my friend, the answer to that often asked question is summed up in the title of today’s article all talk and no action — yes indeed, you can talk from morning till night, till the cows come home as that well-known saying puts it, however, until you get up off your butt, stop the non-stop talking and spring into action, start to do what needs to be done in order to make your dreams, your goals, a reality in life, you’ll just remain a sad failure who loves to talk big about what he or she intends to do, but who because of a complete lack of any sort of action on their part, all of their dreams, their lofty goals seem to fall by the wayside. How very sad to observe.

I often see someone with a whole lot of talent whom I know can make their life a great success. They talk real big about their goals in life, what they intend to do, but it’s all to no avail as they are extremely lazy and thus their talk never materializes into continual action which would of course ensure the success they seek.

Yes, my friend, to be successful in life, firstly you start to dream big, you set some attainable goals and objectives. Next you draw up detailed plans to achieve these goals one by one in a definite time frame. Finally, with discipline, dedication and determination you daily do the hard work required to assist you in making your dreams, your goals, a reality in your life. All talk and no action will get you nowhere, believe me!

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