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BAAC lending coaching assistance to the Family Islands

The Bahamas Association of Athletic Coaches (BAAC) is moving full steam ahead with one of its initiatives of providing coaching assistance to Family Island programs in search of development.

In what BAAC President Shaun Miller is calling the beginning of their long-awaited Family Island Youth Development Training Program, a couple of coaches will travel to Inagua this weekend to conduct a few coaching clinics and training sessions.

“This program has been a dream of the BAAC for some time and we are pleased that we are finally able to send two of our great coaches to the southerly island of Inagua. They have agreed to offer their time and skills for an eight-day program that is to focus on the young and inexperienced kids,” said Miller.

“This is a great opportunity for the Family Island coaches to tap into the very knowledgeable coaches who will be conducting these sessions. You (Family Island coaches) will be offered an opportunity to learn technique training as well as training regimens just through the normal daily interaction with the New Providence coaches.”

Traveling to impart their knowledge are Coach Ronald Cartwright (throws and vertical jumps) and Coach Ednol Rolle (sprints and hurdles). Miller is hopeful that a couple more coaches will volunteer their time next month so that they can venture into the second phase of the program and head to another one of the out islands to conduct seminars.

“They will be able to illustrate and demonstrate while teaching technique,” said Miller. “As stated, this has been a dream to get this program off of the ground and we cannot do it alone. We need the assistance of the Family Island coaches with housing, transportation, grounds for the training and meals for the coaches.

“We would like to thank Coaches Cartwright and Rolle for offering their time, talent and treasures to this very important and worthy cause. It would be remiss of us if we do not also thank the dedicated Inagua coaches/teachers who have assisted us with getting this first seminar off the ground.”

Also venturing to Inagua this weekend to lend assistance is noted coach Foster Dorsett. His focus will be to identify a grass area suitable for a practice track, and also team up with Coaches Cartwright and Rolle to add a distance program to what is already planned to be offered.

As for the grass track, once the area is located, Dorsett will determine what size track is best suited for that particular plot of land. Miller said that Dorsett’s hope and plan is to find a grass plot area large enough for a 200 to 400-meter track.

“Get ready Inagua – the opportunities will be at hand for you to greatly improve your knowledge and interest in the wonderful sport of athletics,” said Miller. “We would like to thank Coach Dorsett for his dedication to assist with making life more organized and easier for the island of Inagua. May God bless the coaches/teachers along with the potential student-athletes during the seminar and training sessions.”

Miller said that he is elated that the program has commenced despite no word on the $15,000 financial grant that was donated to the cause by the Inter-American Development Bank. He said that it is their intention to increase the level of coaching across the length and breadth of The Bahamas, which will in turn impact young athletes, and added that they will continue to implement programs geared towards that.

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