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Everything you do comes back to you

I’m quite sure that all of my regular readers are more than familiar with one of the most important universal laws when it comes to being successful in life across the board; the law of cause and effect, which the respected Emerson referred to as the law of laws. It simply states that “For every action there is an opposite and equal reaction”, or as the Good Book puts it, “As you sow, so shall you reap”. This is indeed true and everyday we all need to be reminded of this universal law and also to put it into practice if we wish to be consistently successful at all that we undertake daily.

Dr. Denis Waitley inserted this law in a very forceful way into his best seller ‘The Psychology of Winning’ when he stated as does the title of today’s article ‘Everything You Do Comes Back To You’….yes indeed it does. I remember well some years ago stating this ‘Truth’, “Everything You Do Comes Back to You” at a seminar I facilitated for a company in Nassau, Bahamas. We were having a refreshment break in the morning, and as one particular young man and I sipped our coffee, he asked me with an extremely worried look on his face, “Dr. Reilly did you really mean what you said in the last session, that everything you do comes back to you”? I immediately replied, “Yes, I did”.

“Thank God I learned it in time to correct some of my bad habits, some of the words and actions which I’d been putting out for years”.

This young man looking miserable said, “I’m in for some bad stuff in my life in the future”. He was obviously reflecting on some of the nonsense he had been putting out daily for many years, not knowing that he was going to have to deal with the negative results which would come his way in the future as a result of his thoughts, words, and actions in the past. However, I explained to him that now that he fully understood exactly how the law of cause and effect worked, he could adjust his life.

Yes, my friend, please don’t ever forget that as the title of today’s article puts it, everything you do comes back to you, incidentally not because I stated so, but because of the universal law of cause and effect which governs the universe and all of our lives. So each and every day, please, I implore you to put out the very best that you possibly can in everything you do, and you’ll be immensely successful in everything which you undertake throughout each and every day….yes you will.

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