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Murder conviction upheld on appeal

A man who acted as the getaway driver for a killer has lost his appeal against his murder conviction and sentence.

Ormond Leon was convicted of the July 10, 2011 shooting death of Francisco Hanna, who had injured his brother.

According to Leon’s confession, he and Dennis Mather, who was acquitted at the close of the prosecution’s case, went looking for Hanna because of the assault on his brother.

They found Hanna through Wilson Tract, but changed cars because they believed he might have seen them.

Leon stopped the car and let Mather, who was armed with a 9mm pistol, out before driving a short distance away,

Leon told police that he heard five gunshots before Mather, who came running through a shortcut, returned to the car.

That’s when Mather reportedly told him, “That’s how you deal with fools.”

He was later sentenced to 41 years, six months and 15 days.

Leon’s lawyer, Jairam Mangra, challenged the conviction on the grounds that evidence was wrongly rejected and inadmissible evidence was wrongly admitted; that under all the circumstances of the case the verdict is unsafe and unsatisfactory.; that the conviction was erroneous in point of law; that the sentence passed was unduly severe and that the sentence passed was based on wrong principle of law.

However, Justices of Appeal Jon Isaacs, Roy Jones and Sir Michael Barnett (acting) found that no errors were made during the trial.

Darnell Dorsette prosecuted.

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