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PM concerned about BPL fires

The prime minister is concerned about the series of events occurring at Bahamas Power and Light (BPL), said Press Secretary in the Office of the Prime Minister Anthony Newbold yesterday. 

There have been three fires over four days at BPL’s Clifton Pier Power Station, which resulted in load shedding taking place throughout New Providence expected to last for the next few days.

The most recent crisis comes on the heels of the appointment of a new BPL board following months of reported tension and the deterioration of relationships among the former board.

In the days that followed the board’s removal, drama among some of the former members and the minister erupted, dominating headlines and catalyzing the prime minister to announce an investigation into the ordeal.

Asked yesterday about the prime minister’s views on how BPL is currently functioning, Newbold said, “The prime minister was first concerned about what was happening [at BPL], which is why he’s ordering an investigation to go there.

“His mindset hasn’t changed that much. He wants that utility to function the way it’s supposed to function and he’s monitoring what’s going on down there.

“BPL, like all the other institutions, has a function.

“They have a job to do and he wants them to do that job the way they are supposed to do: provide electricity, keep the confrontations to a minimum so that people get what they pay for, which is consistent reliable electricity; hopefully cost-effective electricity as well.”

Asked whether the prime minister has taken any concrete steps to launch the investigation into the BPL matters, Newbold said, “He hasn’t indicated what he’s done. He has said that he’s moving to make that investigation happen. In his own mind and who he has talked to, he’s not ready to reveal that yet. But that is his intention. He said he is concerned about it, as he is about the entire government, but certainly about what’s happening down there that has been in the news not so favorably in the last several months.”

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