Saturday, Jun 6, 2020
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Update | Police officer dies in hospital

The police officer who was shot on Dolphin Drive while making a school pick up today has died, police said.

Assistant Commissioner Clayton Fernander said the officer was shot during a robbery.

“What I can say is shortly after 3 p.m. the officer was seated… in his vehicle along with his daughter, awaiting his son who attends [H. O. Nash Junior High School] just next door,” Fernander said at the scene.

“While [the officer] was seated in the vehicle, he was approached by a lone gunman who pointed the gun at him and ordered him out of the vehicle.

“Eventually the culprit fired a shot. [The officer] was hit to the body. The gunman pulled him out of the car and got into the car. By this time, [the officer’s] daughter had already exited the car and ran for assistance. The culprit drove off in the officer’s vehicle.”

The car – a blue Hyundai – has since been located off Farrington Road.

Fernander said a manhunt is underway for the suspect.

He said scores of parents were in the area when the robbery took place.

“Criminals are getting bolder and bolder,” Fernander added.

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