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Prosecution closes in drug seizure case

The prosecution on Tuesday closed its case against two men charged in relation to the seizure of 576 pounds of marijuana a decade ago.

Edmar Johnson and Raleigh Seymour were previously convicted over the May 25, 2008 drug bust at Winder’s Terrace; however, the Court of Appeal quashed their convictions and ordered a new trial.

While on surveillance, officers from the Drug Enforcement Unit reportedly saw the suspects offloading crocus sacks from a van and taking them into a home. When the officers entered the home, they allegedly found the marijuana-filled bags throughout the home.

Testifying yesterday was the investigating officer, Assistant Superintendent Weymond Demeritte, who interviewed both suspects.

However, Acting Deputy Chief Magistrate Subusola Swain did not allow the interviews to be entered into evidence as they were unsigned.

Demeritte said he took samples from the drugs and submitted them for examination.

Demeritte explained that the seized drugs had been destroyed on the direction of the court following the initial conviction.

During questioning by defense lawyer Murrio Ducille, Demeritte acknowledged that neither suspect lived at the home where the drugs were found.

He also testified that their prints were not found on the bags or drugs.

Prosecutor Anishka Pennerman closed her case against the men following Demeritte’s evidence.

The matter has been adjourned to November 2 for submissions.

Artesia Davis

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