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Discipline, determination, doing

Another way of putting this particular title would be, ‘Discipline, Determination, Action’; however, as all of my regular readers will be fully aware of, I just love alliteration, thus the title with three words all beginning with the letter ‘D’ ‘Discipline, Determination, Doing’. All three of these words beginning with the letter ‘D’ are vital for anyone who wishes to become, and indeed remain, successful. So, let’s take each one and examine it in detail.

The first word is discipline, which is vital in the life of anyone who wishes to become and indeed remain successful. I remember well interviewing a very good friend, Sir Arthur Foulkes, former governor general of The Bahamas, for my ‘Success Files’ series and he said, “Without discipline, a person can’t make it in life”. We then both agreed with the fact that, particularly in the field of writing, discipline is an absolute essential quality to possess. Before he entered the field of politics, Sir Arthur was a Journalist and an excellent one too, being news editor of The Tribune Newspaper in Nassau, Bahamas. He then became publisher and editor of The Bahamian Times, before having a very successful career in Politics. Sir Arthur said to me, “Without discipline a person cannot be successful”. Oh how right he was.

You see once we have set our goals, we have to use strict discipline every day to make sure that we’re doing what needs to be done to achieve our goals one by one. So, discipline across the board is essential to success, in any field.

The next word beginning with the letter ‘D’ in our title for today is ‘determination’. This is also a vital attribute or quality to have if we want to be a winner in life. Let’s face it, as I have put it before life ain’t easy. We will constantly come up against obstacles on the road to success. However, the true winner never quits in pursuit of the goal, but has the sort of dogged determination which keeps them going until they reach the desired outcome.

Our third, final word in the title of today’s article is ‘doing’. If we wish to be a winner big time in life, if we wish to constantly succeed; well then, we must daily do the things required to assist us in achieving our goals in a set timeframe. Yes indeed, winners in life are people of action, people who do not stop until they reach the Promised Land. So please remember the three words, ‘discipline, determination, doing’ and you’ll be an outstanding success!

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