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PM: Find suspect, even if he goes to bounds of hell

Prime Minister Dr. Hubert Minnis said yesterday he advised Commissioner of Police Anthony Ferguson to use all resources at his disposal, including enlisting the assistance of the Royal Bahamas Defence Force, to track down the culprit responsible for the murder of Inspector Carlis Blatch, aide-de-camp to Governor General Dame Marguerite Pindling.

Addressing the media at Gambier Primary School, Minnis said the shooter must be found and brought to justice “even if he goes to the bounds of hell”.

The prime minister also said the shooter must not be allowed to have “offspring that may possibly be like him”.

“I think the whole country is saddened over what has happened,” he said.

“You know he worked closely with the governor general.

“He is a gentleman who not only have I worked with, but every morning at 5 o’clock he is on the strip running; so we would pass each other [and] hail each other every morning he is out there exercising.

“But what is even more hateful and distressing is that he was murdered in the presence of his 13-year-old child.

“What that shows is that murderer has no respect for life. [He] has no respect for this society.

“I have spoken to the commissioner of police this morning, and I told him he must allow no obstacle [in] pursuit of this killer and whatever is necessary he must use his force; the assistance of the defense force and whatever is available to track him.

“Even if he goes to the bounds of hell, he must be tracked and brought to justice.

“We must not allow him to continue in this society as is, because obviously he has no respect for life.

“He has no respect for society when he can do something like that in front of a child.”

Blatch, 45, was sitting in his vehicle with his daughter on Dolphin Drive near H.O. Nash Junior High School around 3 p.m. on Wednesday, waiting to pick up his son, when a gunman demanded that he exit his vehicle, police said.

The culprit shot Blatch, dragged him out of his blue Elantra Hyundai, entered the vehicle and drove off.

Blatch’s daughter was able to get out of the car and run for help.

Authorities found the Hyundai abandoned on Trelawny Close, off Farrington Road, a short drive from the scene.

On Wednesday night, police issued a composite sketch of the suspect.

Assistant Commissioner of Police Clayton Fernander also confirmed two men were taken into the Central Detective Unit for questioning, though they were not believed to be responsible for the shooting.

Those men remained in custody yesterday afternoon, according to Fernander.

He said police were following “significant leads” and hope to have a breakthrough in short order.


To the person responsible for Blatch’s murder, Minnis said he will not be allowed to rest, and will be found.

He said, “This individual must be brought to justice and therefore the entire police force, defense force and whatever is necessary – and I hope he is listening to me – will bring him to justice.

“He will not rest in this Bahamas.

“And we will not allow him to have offspring that may possibly be like him.”

Minnis said no one in The Bahamas should be made to feel unsafe and the scourge of crime must stop.

The prime minister said he drives around New Providence, sometimes alone, and frequents the inner-city.

He said he has felt “safe and comfortable” while doing so, but murders “may make others think twice, and we do not want to live in a society where individuals do not feel safe”.

Minnis met with Blatch’s family yesterday.

Blatch was remembered as a man with a promising future, who was exceptionally kind and cared for the governor general over the last four years.

He served on the staff of the governor general for the past 14 years.

H.O. Nash Junior High School held a special assembly yesterday morning in Blatch’s honor, and provided counseling for students, some of whom witnessed the shooting near the campus.

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