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Bahamian-based technology services firm creates  Blockchain 3.0

Bahamian-based technology services company called Unify Earth Systems has upgraded the “nascent” technology called blockchain and invented Blockchain 3.0.

A press release from the company reveals that its developers spent the last year in deep study and analysis of blockchain and found that the technology was in need of an upgrade.

The company’s CEO, Bo Rinaldi, said he and his team saw that blockchain seemed unfinished and has shown problems with security and scalability.

“We saw a vacuum of leadership in the blockchain space that we intend to fill,” he said.

A renowned patent attorney, John Brownlee, lauded the company’s development of the robust Blockchain 3.0 platform.

“The Unify Earth code base itself shows discipline from design to execution especially with a clean style, and was audited for intrusion vectors during unit testing of each component,” said Brownlee.

“Where I have performed reviews of many cryptographic and blockchain products, very few of them have a disciplined approach that shows in the actual production code itself. The Unify Core was clean code, in my review, and its system itself is a complete end-to-end solution, designed and hardened unlike anything I have seen in the blockchain space.”

Unify Earth Systems Chief Technology Officer Scott Searle said now that the system is built, his team will focus on the automation, tools and templates needed.

“We believe that our technology, timing and team are perfect for our company and vision to attain global success as the new standard. We are a values-forward organization that believes that we can unify the governments, companies, organizations and people of the world to solve the most critical challenges before us in a way that the market will not only appreciate but celebrate,” said Rinaldi. “We are here to Unify Earth.”

The company will host a town hall breakfast with United Nations member nations, organizations and stakeholders who may be interested in using Blockchain 3.0 to fulfill the goals and global mission of the United Nations’ organizations, the release states.

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