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R.H. Lounge atmosphere demonstrates comradeship of sporting interactions  

I was sitting in R.H. Sports Lounge on Sunday past, with the option to watch practically every game that was being played on the National Football League (NFL) schedule. The atmosphere was enjoyable; the comradeship compelling and nostalgic in some instances; and afforded was a wholesome environment that bridged the ‘old school’ and ‘new generation’ gap.

R.H. Culmer, the former high school basketball standout and now astute businessman, has indeed crafted a platform that reminds one of how life once was throughout the country. In a most pleasant setting, pundits, casual sports fans, and those who just wish for the quality, mature, social experience, are able to relax and soak up the goodness of humanity and the fullness of respect for each other.

The sporting element of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas today stands as the best positive image factor for the country. There is no doubt in my mind, that even beyond the fabulous sun-sand-sea identity that collectively has long been synonymous with The Bahamas, our sports brand now connects more, in a meaningful way with the rest of the world.

I suppose that point is arguable, given the particular mindset, but the significance of sports in stabilizing our societies cannot legitimately be challenged. For sure throughout the nation, from the capital island of New Providence, to the smallest communities in the Family Islands, the interest in sports is notable.

Accordingly, there are sports bars, in the smallest inhabited pockets of the country. It is true also that in many of them, the mood is mostly raucous, even though manageable.

Then there are the elite variety, such as RH Lounge on Logwood Road in Freeport, Greand Bahama, that provide infectious social contact, substantive sports discussions and reminiscent moments. They create a longing for how the national sports landscape used to be. My long-time friend and fellow Androsian Freddie Pyfrom and Tribunal Judge Ernest Wallace, who were at the lounge, would attest to that.

At RH Lounge on Sunday, also, were such as Dashy Williams, Phil Carey, Clyde Rahming, Gladstone “Moon” McPhee, RH and his brother Sandford Culmer, prominent figures of the ‘Old School’ sports era when the YMCA in Freeport and the basketball gyms in New Providence turned out wholesome basketball encounters that were captivating; when American football clashes were memorable; when track meets and road races, cycling events and swimming races drew huge crowds.

Presently with the NFL season in full flight, sports will be the primary agenda item for many, just as is the case when the National Basketball Association (NBA) teams are showcased in competition. Sporting activities present that avenue of participation that bodes quite well for a stable society. Sporting environments are options to be embraced. They eliminate negative engagements, which so many of our young boys and girls appear to be drawn to.

So, indeed, the RH Culmers of our nation who invest in national building projects, which afford the citizenry positive outlets, are to be saluted.

The emphasis on sports is significant and vital to this country. Indeed, those locations such as RH Lounge, that recapture a Bahamas of yesteryear, are essential for a country battling so many negative societal elements.

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