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What’s your contribution

There’s a great program on Fox on Sunday evenings called ‘OBJECTified’ with host Harvey Levin. Harvey’s past guest was the legendary Magic Johnson, who not only contributed in the field of basketball, playing of course for Los Angeles Lakers, but has also been very successful in business in a variety of different areas. Of course, Magic Johnson has also raised awareness about HIV/AIDs and how to live with it. The most significant thing that he’s said was, ‘we’re all on this earth to make a contribution’… yes, we are!

Now let’s get really serious here today as all of my valued readers truthfully answer the question posed by the title of today’s article ‘What’s Your Contribution?’ Well what is it? Personally, I honestly believe and indeed I have stated this before on many, many occasions in these articles; the only reason we were created and given very special and unique talents is to make a worthwhile contribution so that when we leave, the world is better than when we came.

Yes, that’s right, your talents of which you have many, were given to you by the Creator to develop, polish and use in the service of your brothers and sisters, so that you will leave the earth a little bit better when you make your transition. Life is all about service to others… yes, it is!

So once again ‘What’s Your Contribution?’ I do hope that you are fully developing your God-given talents and daily finding ways in which you can use these talents in the service of others. Yes, indeed I do hope and pray for both your sake and the world’s that you’re contributing.

Now if you haven’t thought about this subject before, I do hope that today is the day for you to seriously consider the question posed by the title of today’s article. So, for the last time ‘What’s Your Contribution?’

• Think about it!

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