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PLP convention set for November

Progressive Liberal Party (PLP) Leader Philip Brave Davis yesterday confirmed the party will host a convention “before the end of this year” in alignment with the party’s constitution.

Davis said the details are expected to be discussed at the party’s leadership council this week, but PLP chairman Senator Fred Mitchell told The Nassau Guardian that the PLP will host a convention November 14—16 with all leadership positions up for grabs.

When asked who was being considered for the position of the convention’s chair, Mitchell said: “We expect the requisite approvals within the month.”

He also said they were planning for “the FNM’s departure”.

Mitchell added that a venue for this year’s convention, which will be self-funded, has not yet been confirmed.

“Conventions in this era are self-sustaining… no special funding is anticipated,” he said.

“In this era, we all contribute as we go along. We funded the special convention on that way. This is the party of men and women of ordinary means. There is no great honey pot waiting to be distributed or lavished. We intend to be disciplined and conform to the requirements of the constitution for an annual meeting to discuss party business and the affairs of state.”

The PLP reportedly has a post-election debt of $1.5 million.

The revelation was made during a meeting of the party’s leadership council last year.

During that meeting, there was no reporting on how much the PLP raised and how much it spent during the 2017 general election campaign.

Mitchell said matters related to debt are addressed as resources become available

“All organizations deal with debts, and having debts does not prevent a convention,” said Mitchell yesterday when questioned about the alleged $1.5 million debt.

“… No more than the government is in debt, as is The Nassau Guardian, and both the government and The Guardian continue. The PLP continues.

“The party’s constitution mandates an annual general convention, and until otherwise determined, we continue to plan for it.”

According to the PLP’s constitution, “There shall be a general meeting of the party every year in the month of either October or November, or as is otherwise determined by the National General Council.”

The PLP had a special convention in July addressing the “substantive and comprehensive” changes to the party’s constitution, including amendments to the selection process for party executive, according to Chairman of the PLP Constitutional Committee Raynard Rigby.

It held two national conventions last year.

Most recently, in October 2017, following the general election when the PLP lost its majority in the House and then leader Perry Christie lost his seat, Davis was elected the party leader with Exumas and Ragged Island MP Chester Cooper as his deputy.

Another convention was held in January 2017, months before the general election.

The PLP’s January 2017 convention was the first time the party had held one since 2009.

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