Saturday, Jun 6, 2020
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Why pave now?

Dear Editor,

I have seen the notice from the government that Bernard Road is to be paved. I’m thankful it is being paved. It needs it.

My concern is that the government decided to pave Bernard Road just weeks after schools opened.

Traffic is still a nightmare. There are many schools along Bernard Road, and it is a pathway to many more outside the area.

While the government seeks to pave between 9:30 a.m. and 2 p.m., Monday to Friday for three weeks, the dug-up street will slow traffic during peak times when the paving is suspended.

Nassau is no longer a sleepy fishing village. We have to be strategic in our approach to road work. Why not pave busy roads in the summers when schools are closed, or at Christmas time or Easter, when schools are closed, for those smaller areas that could be done faster?

Navigating these streets to get to work and to collect children is a nightmare. The government is doing the right thing trying to upgrade the bad Nassau roads, but it is not thinking deeply enough about timing.

The other issue the government needs to address with the roads is the potholes. Clearly we do not have the proper system in place to fix this simple but vexing problem.

Why can’t we quickly patch potholes on an island that is 21 miles by seven?

There are several potholes on Sassoon Drive in the east that have been there for months. I guess we will have to wait on the Holy Spirit to come down with asphalt to help us.

As a country we should be able to deal with potholes. I cannot believe that addressing so simple a problem is beyond my people.


– Martha S. Greene

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