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Miller: More focus on family needed

PDointing to the declining number of young people in church and the country’s diminishing value system, Youth Pastor Ricardo Miller encouraged parents to focus on their families and the church to offer more support.

“In our fast-paced culture, we must become committed to reaching children through focusing on the family,” he said. “Churches throughout The Bahamas must become better at engaging parents to be the leader in the spiritual development of their children. Children need to see Christ in action, not just hear about Him in our words at church. If we don’t teach children to follow Christ, the world will teach them not to.”

Miller insisted that families in The Bahamas and worldwide are under attack.

“Spiritual warfare has been launched against families. As a pastor or church leader, I’m sure you’ve realized that one of the most important goals of a church is to connect with parents. Like never before, ministries are seeking to influence parents. They get it. They understand that you influence children by influencing their parents.

“Until the gospel drives us to schedule our priorities, families will continue to default to the values of the culture around them, and parents will remain too busy to engage in intentional discipleship with their children.

“Parents today need the support of their local church. Most young parents lack the parenting knowledge they need and want. First-time parents, of infants and toddlers especially, want to know more about parenting. They are having a difficult time, however, obtaining clear and trustworthy information. A church that has become successful at providing useful information to empower, will attract families of all ages.

“There is an unlimited amount of information available on how to successfully reach families today. Equipped with knowledge, you can create a solid parenting strategy that will allow you to meet the needs of families inside and outside of your church.

“A child’s attitude is birthed from watching how dad and mom interprets life. From the time they are infants, until they are walking across the platform to receive their degree, parents have the opportunity to influence their children. We should capitalize on that. We have an incredible opportunity as ministry leaders to influence parents who will in turn influence their children.”

Miller said just as parents care for their children physically and emotionally, they must also care about their spiritual well-being.

“The Christian faith is under attack and the number of young people in churches across The Bahamas is at an all-time low. A few churches get it. If The Bahamas is to be changed, children are the agency through whom change will come. We are committed to helping churches reach young people effectively.”

Miller is preparing to host second annual National Children’s Ministry Day, which he said is the largest children’s ministry workers’ training in The Bahamas. The session will take place on Saturday, October 13 at Queens College and will involve over 250 children’s ministry workers from multiple denominations in the country. The session will run from 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

Under the theme, “Leading for a Lasting Legacy,” Miller said the session promises to be the ultimate training for children’s ministry and Sunday school workers.

Some of the training topics will include “Keys to Growing Your Children’s Ministry”, “What Kids Really Hear in Church”, “Capturing the Hearts of Kids in a Digital Age”, “Money Matters in Children’s Ministry” and so much more.

“We believe quality training is necessary for next level of ministry. If your church is not reaching children effectively, your church is missing the future,” he said.

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