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Are you eager to get up each morning?

Now right at the very beginning I want you, especially today to be totally honest with yourself as you answer the very important question posed by the title of today’s article, ‘Are you eager to get up each morning?’

Now firstly, let me set the tone by being totally honest with you, my valued reader. Some mornings I feel better than others and thus wake up feeling positive as I anticipate a great day ahead. However, there are those mornings which I believe just about everyone has from time to time, when you’d like to roll over and go to sleep again. This happens to me every now and then. However, no matter what kind of frame of mind I’m in when I awake from my night’s sleep; I always say, “Thank you Father for a good night’s sleep, and thank you for the day ahead of me which will be filled with great success”. Then I stretch a couple of times and get out of bed.

You see, your overall attitude at the very beginning of the day is most important and will indeed affect its success or failure. Yes indeed, one’s overall attitude at the very beginning of the day is most important as it will affect the results we get in either a positive or negative way. So, if we don’t feel too good when we initially awake from our night’s sleep, we need to get out of our negative mood ASAP and get into an upbeat, positive, thankful to be alive mood so that we’ll have a great day as opposed to a mediocre or bad day.

Yes, my friend, you should be most eager to get up each and every morning as The Creator gives you a unique opportunity to make a positive, worthwhile contribution to your country, your company, your Life. Every day is an opportunity to be successful or a failure. So be eager to get up and make a great contribution to the world in which we all live and call home.

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