Friday, Feb 21, 2020
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DPP drops child rape case after court ruling

The Crown yesterday discontinued its case against a man accused of molesting a toddler.

Prosecutors had alleged that Audy Glinton had unlawful sexual intercourse with a girl, age four, on November 18, 2017.

Glinton denied the charge at his trial before Acting Chief Justice Vera Watkins.

Prosecutor Patrick Sweeting called no witnesses in support of the charge as the alleged victim’s mother could not be located to testify.

Sweeting attempted to have her witness statement to police read into the record under Section 66 of the Evidence Act, but Watkins refused.

As a result, Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP0 Garvin Gaskin entered a nolle prosequi.

Glinton, who had not been brought down from prison, will be informed of the discontinuance on Monday.

Eleanor Albury was his lawyer.

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