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Jealousy destroys

must say, that in the area where I live, I do in fact hear a whole lot of people utter various statements over and over again, which tells me loud and clear, that they are very jealous of others who have succeeded in some field of endeavor. Believe it or not, many of these hypocrites who are jealous of those who do well and accomplish great feats in life, have the nerve to purport to be religious and are thus regular church goers -– I mean, how phony, how hypocritical can one get?

Believe me, whenever I hear of any one doing really well in life, particularly if that person happens to be a former student of mine, it brings great joy to me, and I make it a point to congratulate them on their accomplishment whatever it was – the acquisition of a good job, the passing of an exam at college, etc. Yes indeed, I’m always filled with joy when I hear of anyone doing well in life at anything, and that’s the way it should be.

So, the question we must surely ponder here today is why are some people real jealous when they hear of another achieving something outstanding? Well to me the answer is obvious and it’s low self-esteem. That’s right, people with low self-esteem get extremely jealous when anyone they know, even a friend or relative has achieved something great, like graduated from college, got a good position with an excellent company or just got a promotion. The underlying reason of course for jealousy of any kind is low self-esteem. That’s right, when I have high self-esteem, I’m delighted to hear of others who are doing well in life and will go out of my way to congratulate them and their accomplishments.

As we all know, “jealousy” is of course one of the seven deadly sins – yes it is; and into the bargain, as the two-worded title of today’s article simply and succinctly states is jealousy destroys, yes it does. It destroys the person who harbors jealousy in their heart for another. So, in conclusion, if you’re inclined to get jealous of others who achieve great things in life, I respectfully suggest you get some immediate professional counseling to rectify the situation forthwith.

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