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No one is self-made

I’m sure that we’ve all heard the ridiculous expression used again and again – he or she is a self-made success – oh yes. My friend, as today’s title quite correctly proclaims, no one is self-made – no one! Firstly we should never lose sight of the fact, that when we were born, our Creator filled us full to capacity with unique and special talents, which when discovered, developed, refined and polished will help us to finally reach the pinnacle of success. Yes indeed, the Creator imbued us at birth with great talents to assist us in life. So in effect, you should daily thank the Creator for these wonderful gifts which assist us daily to excel and succeed.

The thing about those who admit to the fact of how talented they were as over the years they realize that they developed these talents with the aid of parents, other relatives, teachers, coaches, etc. Yes indeed, as today’s title quite rightly states it no one is self-made, and that’s why I laugh every time I hear some misguided person say either “I’m a self-made man or woman” or he or she is a self-made person.

So I want all of my valued readers here today to give some thought to the fact that a whole lot of people worked real hard to assist you to discover and develop your God-given talents to the point where you are now excelling in life. So many people who succeeded had a whole lot of assistance in succeeding in their field of endeavor and you need to consistently thank these people for their assistance.

Yes indeed, as that well-known saying puts it, no man is an island unto himself – no he isn’t, nor is any woman either. We’re all interdependent and thus rely on others – relatives, teachers and friends to assist us as we travel the road of life toward the desired target – success city. So, my friend, in conclusion, always recognize those who assisted you in finally becoming successful whilst you daily thank the Creator for giving you your talents in the first place.

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