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Bowling blues

The Bahamas Bowling Federation (BBF) national women’s team is currently battling against the top countries in the Pan-American Bowling Confederation (PABCON) Women’s Championships  at the Sebelen Bowling Center in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

They are having a tough time on the lanes despite bowling above their average. Competition began Tuesday and ends today.

The six-member team is represented by Driskell Rolle (captain), Jonice Hoyte, Camille Burnside, Tara Johnson, Marina McClain and Xynea Johnson.

Tyrone Knowles is the head coach.

Day one, Singles

Team Bahamas had a tough challenge in the singles competition.

National women’s champion Driskell Rolle managed to finish in the top 25. She finished 25th out of the 51 bowlers.

She bowled a 194.67 and hit 1168 pins.

In the fourth game, she bowled a 237, her highest in the singles. Her lowest was 170 in the second game.

Tara Johnson was the closest behind Rolle at 41st. She bowled an average of 174 and hit 1,044 pins. Her highest was 198, a score she bowled in the fifth game. She bowled her lowest score of 154 in her third game.

Hoyte was 45th with an average of 170.33 while hitting 1,022 pins. She ended her round strong, bowling her highest game of 220. In her fourth game she bowled a 152, her lowest score.

Unfortunately, McClain, Camille Rolle and Xynea Johnson rounded out the bottom for the singles. They finished 49th, 50th and 51st respectively.

McClain averaged 163.33 throughout her round. Her second game was her best as she bowled a 184. In her fifth game she had a tough time, bowling 134. She hit a total of 980 pins.

Camille Rolle finished with 160.67 and hit 964 pins. Her highest and lowest game scores were 190 and 132.

Rounding out the bottom was Xynea Johnson with an average of 148.17. Her best game score was 186. She bowled a 118, her lowest score in her third game.

Knowles said: “It was a rough day for the team. We had a bumpy start. The ladies missed too many singles and ten spares. There were challenged being consistent in hitting their shots.”

He was looking forward to the second day of competition.

Winning the singles was Brazil’s Stephanie Martins. She bowled an average of 253. Her highest was 279 and her lowest game score was 221. She hit a total of 1518 pins.

Day two, Doubles

Team Bahamas had very bad news to add to their day. Camille Rolle was unable to continue bowling after injuring her knee.

For the doubles, the teams were: Camille Rolle and Xynea Johnson; Tara Johnson and McClain; and Driskell Rolle and Hoyte.

The team of Hoyte and Rolle finished the highest at 19th out of a total of 25 teams. They finished with an average of 180.75. They had a good third game as they bowled a 410. Their toughest game was the first. They bowled 297.

Johnson and McClain bowled an average of 159.25 to finish 24th. They had their best game of 368 in their sixth and final game. They hit a total of 1,911. Their lowest scoring game was 295 in the first game.

It was a tough time for Rolle and Johnson. Rolle only bowled the first two games before aggravating her knee injury more. They ended with an average of 106.75.

The doubles proved to be difficult for Team Bahamas, especially with the slow start.

The American team of Shannon Pluhowsky and Jordan Richard won the doubles. They bowled an average of 231.67. Their best score was a blistering 502 in the fifth game.

Knowles said Rolle and Hoyte bowled above their average. He also said that Johnson and McClain bowled over their average.

Day three, Triples

The Bahamas was hopeful for the triples after a difficult day one and two.

The were two teams for this part of the competition. There were 17 total teams of triples.

Driskell Rolle, Hoyte and Tara Johnson made up one team for The Bahamas. The other Bahamian team was Xynea Johnson, Marina McClain and the injured Camille Rolle.

The team of Rolle, Hoyte and Johnson finished 14th with an average score of 173.83. Their highest score was 619 in the fourth game. They hit 3,129 pins.

McClain, Rolle and Johnson finished with an average of 110.89. They bowled their highest score of 413. This is without Camille Rolle bowling a single game due to her injured knee.

Winning the triples were the American team of Shannon Pluhowsky, Shannon O’Keefe and Jordan Richard. Their average was 222.78. They bowled a 720 in the second game. This was their high scoring game.

Knowles spoke about the team’s overall performance so far in the tournament.

He said: “The tournament has been an interesting one to say the least. The team got some slow starts in each of the sets. They have been able to recover somewhat after the second or third game but this tournament this year is a strike fest. Our girls are sparing so it is difficult to match up with any specific team if you are not striking. The top 25 women are averaging over 200 easily. Our ladies are bowling slightly above their average scores.”

Knowles added that Paulina Torres from Puerto Rico bowled a 300 in the doubles. That is how much of a stiff  competition the team is facing in the Dominican Republic.

The team competition was yesterday. Participating on the team was Driskell Rolle, Hoyte, Tara Johnson, McClain and Xynea Johnson. Their competition was not finished at press time.

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