Saturday, May 30, 2020
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Man killed, woman injured in Nassau Village shooting

A double shooting in Nassau Village yesterday left one man dead and a woman injured in hospital, according to authorities.

While details were limited on the incident, Chief Superintendent Solomon Cash said a group of people was gathered on the porch of a residence off Catherine Street when three men approached and opened fire.

The man died on scene.

Police said the woman was in hospital in stable condition.

As Cash spoke to the media on scene, relatives of the victim cried uncontrollably in the background.

Cash made the usual appeal to the public to come forward with any information that may help police with their investigation.

Police did not release the identity of the victims, but said the man who died was in his early 20s while the woman is believed to be in her mid-20s.

According to a woman who claimed to be the grandmother of the victim, the man killed is Carrow Bullard, 22.

While the motive for the shooting was unknown, Cash said police will update the public as the investigation progresses.

“We have a team of investigators moving through the area now trying to establish exactly what happened here and the motive behind this latest homicide,” he said.

Defense force marines were also on scene assisting officers with the investigation.

While the defense force has previously assisted the police force in the fight against crime, it is uncommon to see defense force officers on murder scenes.

Asked about their presence, Cash said, “This is a part of a joint operation between the police and defense force. It’s an ongoing operation that started several months back.

“They are part of what we do when it comes to policing our streets.

“They are part of our strategic and operational team, which is the Anti-Gang and Firearms Unit and our Flying Squad Unit.

“They form a part of those units to assist in combating prolific offenders on the streets; looking at all the hot spots on the street, and, like I said, it is a joint operation.”

According to Cash, additional patrol units will remain in the area to “bring some calm to the residents”.

He said the area will continue to be “heavily monitored” as police considered it a hot spot for crime.

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