Thursday, Jul 2, 2020
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Doctors Hospital introduces digital broadband MRI system

Patients and physicians now have access to the country’s first digital broadband Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) system at Doctors Hospital, the Ingenia 3.0T from Philips Healthcare. The revolutionary machine is designed to quickly perform high-quality MR scans with a high level of patient comfort.

Ingenia 3.0T can significantly reduce the patient’s exam time and has a wide opening to accommodate patients of varying size, age and physical condition. This makes Ingenia less confining than 60cm MR systems and a more attractive non-invasive imaging option for patients at Doctors Hospital.

Hospital officials say most scans can be performed with the patient’s head entirely out of the opening, creating a better patient experience.

The Ingenia 3.0T incorporates a number of breakthrough technologies designed to deliver exceptional image clarity. It quickly provides radiologists and physicians with precise, detailed MR images needed to help confidently diagnose many different anatomical and structural problems in the body including brain and nervous system disorders, cardiovascular disease and organ disease.

“Ingenia 3.0T image quality is excellent and it’s fast,” said Dr. Muneesh Sharma, clinical director and head of imaging. “We can perform American College of Radiology recommended routine exams of the brain, spine, knee, ankle and liver with superb image quality. It gives our radiologists and referring physicians access to the high-quality images they need to make informed diagnoses. With Ingenia 3.0T, our patients experience fast, comfortable exams and fewer re-scans. Ingenia 3.0T is a win-win for our clinicians and our patients,” he said.

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