Sunday, Dec 9, 2018
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Four inmates escape Simpson Penn Centre for Boys

Police are searching for escaped inmates. FILE

Nearly two months after 13 inmates escaped Simpson Penn Centre for Boys in Fox Hill, another four inmates escaped that facility on Friday night, Minister of Social Services Frankie Campbell confirmed today.

One of the boys has since been handed over to the Elizabeth Estates Police Station by his guardians.

Campbell said it is still unclear how the boys were able to escape but added that someone will have to give an account.

“On Friday evening, sometime around 8 p.m., a group of residents at Simpson Penn School for Boys [was] under a pavilion that is there for them watching television under the supervision of two of the staff members there,” Campbell told reporters outside of Cabinet.

“When one staff member went to use the restroom, on returning it was discovered that one boy was missing. Further checks revealed that four boys were missing. Since then, one boy was returned by parents or guardian. So, at this time, three of those boys are at large.”

Authorities have not released the identities of the boys who remain at large, but are asking for the public to report any information related to the escape.

“This seems to be a procedural issue, which is going to be reviewed and the necessary corrections will be made,” Campbell said.


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