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Are you your own worst enemy?

I was doing my utmost to counsel a young man some time ago, whose attitude fluctuated from excellent to atrocious and downright rude. I attempted to tell him, that it was his overall attitude toward life and people which would contribute to either is success or failure in life. I said quite bluntly to him one day, you can be your own greatest friend by presenting a positive, pleasant and polite attitude to one and all, or, as the title of today’s article puts it, you can be your own worst enemy. Yes, you can.

Now my friend, let me ask you and indeed every single member of my reading audience, the very important question posed by the title of today’s article, are you your own worst enemy? Well, are you? What’s your honest answer to that extremely important question relative to your future success for failure in life?

Personally, I sincerely hope and pray that the answer is in the negative for all would-be achievers who wish to excel at all they undertake in life. Always remember the following phrase which contains so much truth. Now here’s the phrase – your attitude will determine your altitude. Yes, indeed it will, for it will determine how far up the proverbial ladder of success you’ll climb in life.

Yes, my friend, you really are in control of your future, and if you want it to be a really bright one, across the board, well then you better watch your overall attitude day in and day out, to make absolutely sure that what you are projecting to others, to one and all, is a positive, pleasant and upbeat attitude at all times. This is the way to a successful life. Yes, it is.

Yes, my friend, let me reiterate – your altitude will be determined by your attitude – and as my mentor Earl Nightingale put it, attitude is the most important word in the English language when it comes to being successful in all aspects of your life. So please, work on your attitude each and every day whilst working really hard at whatever you do for a living – and believe me, you will succeed in life.

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