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Master these four scenes to ‘star’ on the corporate stage

Most professionals are not interested in being public speakers; they just want to be effective when they are called on to speak in public. No matter what your position is in the workplace, you will be summoned to the stage and you want your performance to be a hit.

However, it is not uncommon for even high performing professionals to shy away from speaking up in meetings, fail to communicate coherently when put on the spot or just try to “get through” their reports and presentations, missing their chance to leverage these opportunities.

If you can master the following most common scenarios, you will enhance your leadership presence and shine brightly on the corporate stage.

Score big on reports and presentations. For many working professionals the one task they dread is having to give a presentation. The universal fear of public speaking can rattle the most seasoned professional. However, reports, presentations, updates on your department or even feedback on the implementation of a new system will require you to stand up in front of a group and speak. To score big and get engagement on the most mundane information, create a relevant connection for the audience. Communicate how this information in some way affects them.

Transform mundane meetings into collaborative work sessions. Generally, team members complain about the amount of time wasted in meetings. Statistics show poorly managed meetings can easily total one lost week per month. Having a clearly focused goal and structure along with flexibility can help make meetings productive. Learning to skillfully facilitate these essential gatherings can improve engagement, increase productivity and boost the bottom line.

Adding value in important meetings is a part of your job. How many professionals sit in meetings and offer nothing? This could be due to fear of rejection, lack of confidence in their ability to express themselves in such forums, anxiety and more. Professionals who do not communicate in these settings are often overlooked as leaders despite their contributions to the organization’s success. The operative phrase here is “adding value”. We are all too familiar with those people who have no trepidation about speaking up; but they do not know how to get their point across clearly and succinctly. Practice speaking concisely so that it becomes easy when necessary and join the conversation.

Responding to impromptu questions is a skill. Most of us can relate to the rush of blood to the head we feel when we are asked a question on the spot in an important meeting with important people. Sometimes it is impossible to be totally prepared for the tough question that can surface during a discussion. We have all seen that person who struggles to get their thoughts together in a coherent way and proceeds to ramble, and sometimes in the final analysis you still don’t really know what they said. A guided framework or a mind map can help you to think on your feet and respond coherently.

If you would like to develop essential skills to star on the corporate stage, send an email to find out the details for my monthly workshop.

• Kim Welcome is the CEO and founder of Influential Voice. She assists businesses and professionals to develop deliberate, skillful, polished communication skills to increase their impact and influence. Her clients range from the country’s largest and most prestigious employers to public figures and individual professionals. Feel free to contact at [email protected].

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