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In one week, you can change the very outcome of your long-term health


What’s possible in a week? If you dedicate seven days to the achievement of one goal, how ambitious could you make this goal?

I’ve addressed the importance of time and how imperative it is to value it. Quite frankly, it’s the only constant in life.

I’ve heard on numerous occasions individuals saying if they had more time in the day, they would get more done. Or, if there were two of them, they would get more done. The problem with this theory is you’ve created a mindset that’s non-existent. If you had more hours in the day, you would find more things to do, rather than completing the tasks that you’ve been running out of time attempting to complete. As we know, the same would go for there being more than one of you.

Is this again another excuse for us not to accomplish the things we need to achieve? Think about it. We find time to do some of the more bizarre things in our lives. We all know what that one or handful amounts of bizarre things are. Wouldn’t it be great to substitute one of those bizarre things for something more accountable?

Now I’m by no means devaluing anyone’s goals and what they do on their days off. Simply put, we find time to do everything other than what we really need to do.

Your long-term health should be a consummate example of your daily lifestyle. Negating how crucial it is to live a consistent healthy lifestyle only places you in a category that’s filled with negative statistics. Nobody wants to be a negative statistic.

In one week, you can change the very outcome of your long-term health. If you started dedicating 60 minutes to your personal fitness, you will not only have more energy, but eventually start a reversal aspect of some of the negative comorbidities that are taking place internally with your body. This isn’t far-fetched at all. It’s basically placing a value to your time and your long-term health.

Think about how fast five years has flown by. Some of the things you’ve stated you would do within that time, you’ve accomplished, and some you’ve put on the back burner. Yes, life happens – and you adjust due to life’s dynamics. Truth be told, in that five years, has your health gotten better or worse? Have you really tried to commit towards a positive fitness and overall healthy lifestyle?

This was by no means to create a daunting perspective as to how you might’ve let your fitness get out of hand. It’s merely an eye-opening effect that should help rejuvenate your mind about how imperative it is to value the importance of time and your long-term health.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: I want to see you succeed. I want to one day hear your story of the hurdles you’ve overcome to make a positive fitness and lifestyle change. The only way this will happen is if you put aside the excuses and put value on the time you have.

• Stay positive. Be purely consistent. Achieve more. And go get it! Emilio Bullard is a personal trainer at Balmoral Club. He can be contacted at [email protected].

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