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It’s just around the corner

Now I know that when some, actually maybe most of my valued readers read the title of today’s article, they will in all probability say repeating the title, it’s just around the corner – what’s just around the corner D. Paul? Well, to answer you honestly, whatever you want to be is just around the corner. For me, a business proposal which I’ve been chasing for quite a while now is just around the corner, it’s about to materialize. Yes, it is.

You see in the long run, it’s all about belief – your belief in your ability to bring a goal to fruition. But please remember what I have highlighted in the past about belief, and that is, it must of necessity be 100 percent, it must be total belief with no ifs, buts or ands about it.

Let me once again highlight the universal law of attraction, which states quite clearly the following, we attract towards us, people, circumstances and events in accordance with our thinking. Yes, we do. So, when we set a goal, which you all know is the starting point for all success and believe 100 percent that it’s just around the corner’ as today’s title puts it, believe me when I tell you, it will happen. Yes, it will.

So, my friend, what is it that you really want badly right now? What is your most important goal now?  Whatever it is I suggest, that you believe implicitly, that it’s just around the corner. That you’re about to actually achieve the goal. You’ve done the work, and believed implicitly (100 percent) that your goal will in fact materialize really soon. In fact, you have a feeling in your bones, as we say, that it’s about to happen, it’s about to really materialize in your life. Now don’t get anxious. Just relax, believe, and expect that it will happen, the success you seek is about to materialize, and believe me it will.

Yes indeed, belief that is 100 percent belief is a very positive emotion, either way. By that I mean, if you believe it won’t happen, well then, it won’t. However, if you really, 100-percent believe that it’s just around the corner whilst continuing to do the work necessary to make this goal come to fruition, to make the dream come alive, well then, your home and dried, as the saying goes, and your success is guaranteed.  In fact, it’s just around the corner. Yes, it is.

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