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A sure way to destroy yourself

guess that a whole lot of people will indeed be quite puzzled by the title of today’s article for two main reasons – they will say to themselves, “Why would anyone want to destroy themself?” Good question and I’ll answer it in a minute; number two, “How exactly does a person do this – that is destroy themself?” Well, let me answer both of those very important questions.

Number one – many are destroying themselves as they’re unfortunately not aware of the fact that their destructive thoughts, words and actions towards others are in effect having a very detrimental effect on them and their lives. And here’s the answer to question number two – people who are always wishing others to fail in life and who constantly gossip about them, highlight all of their bad points to others whilst really wishing that they fail, will in effect eventually destroy themselves. Please don’t ever forget that the negative, destructive things you do to others will – they must eventually return to bite you in the butt, so to speak and thus cause you all sorts of serious problems.

Now here’s another important question, which I’m sure many have heard which also needs to be answered. The question is, why would anyone want to destroy another? Well, I’ll guarantee, that the number one reason why anyone would have a desire to destroy another is because of a deep dislike or even hatred of that person. And what would cause a person to really dislike or hate another? Well, I believe it would be a deep-seated jealousy based on a person’s low self-esteem. Yes indeed, people who have low self-esteem and thus do not love and respect themselves will be full of hate for others, particularly for those who excel in life and are very successful across the board.

Yes, my friend, a sure way to destroy yourself is to wish ill on others and the people who do this are those with chronic low self-esteem. So, my friend, if you think that you have this destructive tendency I respectfully suggest that you immediately seek out some professional counseling to raise your level of self-esteem so that you’ll once again begin to love and respect yourself. This will assist you in loving and respecting others – yes, it will.

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